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Legal fees

Initial Consultation: $280.00 + HST per consultation which may lasts one hour and a half.
Lawyers' Hourly Rates: $280.00/hr to $350.00/hr * + HST

PLEASE NOTE: Our hourly rates for court attendance and in case of urgencies are higher than regular fees for the draft of court documents.

Simple (Uncontested) Divorce: $750.00

In addition there are the following additional expenses pertaining to your


Filing documents in court plus HST

Court fees payable to the Ministry of Finance of Canada include the following:

The scope of legal work on uncontested divorce is:


Hourly rate: from $280.00/h
Scope of legal work on separation agreement:

Court attendance is $350.00/h
Opinion Letter for Recognition of Foreign Divorces: $300.00 + HST

Independent Legal Advice: $350.00 + HST 13% total $395.50 per hour
Scope of an Independent legal advice:

Cohabitation (Prenuptial) / Marriage / Separation Agreement: $280.00/hour plus 13% HST
Scope of legal work:

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